What can I do to prolong the life of my drainfield?

1:  Install water-saving devices and be on-gaurd for leaky fixtures. Water conservation reduces the amount of liquid going to the drainfield.

2:  Have the tank(s) pumped and inspected regularly.

3:  Keep surface water away from the septic system area, including the septic and pump tanks.

4:  Keep driveways, parked vehicles and buildings off the drainfield area.  Soil compaction can cause premature failure by restricting the infiltrative and evaporative capability of the soil.

5:  Installing an effluent filter to confine most of the suspended solids to the septic tank.

6:  The use of pretreatment comoponents have been show to improve effulent quality and moderate or reduce ponding.

7:  Understand what can and cannot be put into the septic tank.

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